This video was shot for the title track on the new album "Substance Abuse". We shot everything on location in a graveyard and featured a morph of consciousness between two worlds. The afterlife is represented as the characters morph in and out of consciousness during various stages of intoxication. The...
Flying Buffaloes see this video as a venture into new territories and a fresh way to connect with listeners. Through virtual reality and a night out on the town with some slightly terrifying creatures in horse masks, the story behind “Hey ;) Is For Horses came to life.”
Radney Foster talks about the inspiration behind his song "All That I Require" - his contribution on the Cafe Rooster Records compilation "Strange Freedom: Songs of Love and Protest." Video by Shawn Michael Foster.
Written by Terry Allen Performed by Sally Jaye, Megan Palmer and Lauren Farrah Recorded at Cafe Rooster Records by Gabe Masterson Director/Camera, Shawn Michael Foster and Edit/Color, Justin Rue, Nashville Production Alliance
The Patchwork of America is a proposal for a self contained docu leaning hybrid for unscripted television. It features Matt Kinman, Martha Spencer, Frank Rische, Lillie Mae Rische, Luke Bell, and Todd Gladsen.